Memoirs of a Borstal Boy - A brief synopsis

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In January 1971, after having his collar felt at the end of the previous year, the teenage Kris Gray heard his plans of becoming a master criminal crumble when the immortal words ‘take him down’ were uttered by the judge. That same judge had just told him that he would have to serve a term of six months to two years in a Borstal institution. With the words of failed IRA bomb maker, Brendan Behan’s ‘Borstal Boy’, ringing in his head he was dragged away from his fiancé to the dark dungeons of Wormwood Scrubs. Little did he know that he would end up on a farm in the heart of Huntingdonshire, brewing illicit rhubarb wine, entertaining the local old folk and finding his hand up a cow’s fanny, amongst other things, whilst learning how to get out in double quick time.

Two’s Up is the often humorous and sometime sad memoires of a Borstal Boy in the early 1970’s who went on to almost be a rock star.

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